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Around the globe, more and more homeowners are electing to install residential solar power systems. Their motivation is to reduce long-term energy costs. Informed Systems ltd is the leading wholesale supplier and installer of Solar Systems in Nairobi Kenya. Benefits of Informed Systems Solar Panels compared to KPLC power Usage;

  • Reduces Electricity Bills.
  • Low Maintenance Costs.
  • Reduced dependence on foreign oil and fossil fuels.
  • It Gives control over your electricity
  • Qualifies for tax breaks and cash incentives
  • Renewable Energy Source. Among all the benefits of solar panels, the most important thing is that solar energy is a truly renewable energy source.

Solar panels:- The solar panels themselves are the key elements of a solar power system – they’re what produces the electricity! All solar systems, no matter the type, will have solar panels.
Informed Systems is the leading supplier of LG, LONGi Solar, SunPower, Panasonic and Jinko Solar Panels in Nairobi Kenya.
Types of Solar Panels.

  • Polycrystalline Solar Panels; Polycrystalline solar panels have blue-hued PV cells with straight edges. Informed Systems Polycrystalline solar panels are affordable, effective and long-lasting in Nairobi Kenya.
  • Monocrystalline Solar Panels:- Monocrystalline solar panels are characterized by their black PV cells with rounded edges. They have a higher conversion efficiency which means they produce more kilowatt-hours of electricity. If you want to install a solar panel system but your space is limited, monocrystalline panels will be more productive per square foot. They’re the most efficient solar panels.
  • Cadmium telluride Solar Panels:- Cadmium telluride Solar Panels has the same low-cost advantage as polycrystalline cells while possessing the lowest carbon footprint, water requirement, and energy payback time of all solar panels types.
  • Amorphous silicon Solar panels:-Amorphous silicon panels (A-Si) derive their name from their shapeless nature. Unlike mono-and polycrystalline solar cells, the silicon is not structured on the molecular level. On average, an a-Si cell requires only a fraction of the silicon needed to produce typical silicon cells. This allows them to have the lowest production cost, at the expense of efficiency. This is why a-Si panels are suited for applications that require very little power, such as pocket calculators.

Solar inverter:- Inverters are the mechanisms that convert the direct current (DC) produced by the solar panels into the alternating current (AC) that homes require. Informed Systems Ltd offers the best solar inverters at a fair price in Nairobi Kenya Including;

Victron Quattro 3KVA-15KVA:- The Quattro can be connected to 2-independent Ac sources for example the public grid and generators or simply 2-generators. The Quattro automatically connects to the active source.


2. SMA Sunny Island Inverter:- It is an all-round inverter for On-grid and Off-grid Solar Systems.
It is flexible for self-consumption and battery backup systems in On-grid and Off-grid applications.


3. Outback Inverter/ Charger:- The OutBack inverters allow your system to grow along with your power needs. Power hungry appliances like washing machines, air conditioning and power tools are easily started by our Informed Systems inverter’s substantial surge power capability. When not being used, the inverter enters a power save mode, which consumes as little as 3 watts, saving your battery power for when you need it the most.


Solar battery storage:- Solar batteries can be added to your solar system to store solar energy for later or if you want to use it overnight. Storage batteries also allow a PV system to operate when the electric grid is not available. If you want your solar panels to operate during a power outage, you need to pair them with a solar battery.


Charge controller:- Charge controllers are only used for solar power systems that have battery storage. Charge controllers are installed between the solar panels and the battery to prevent the batteries from being overcharged and to ensure that the battery is charged at the right voltage level.


SOLAR WATER HEATER:-At Informed Systems Ltd, We deal in supply and installation of Solar water heaters. We have a complete line of pressurized and non pressurized solar water heaters available in a variety of capacities to suit your needs. We offer the best solar water heater prices in Nairobi, Kenya.

  • Pressurized Solar Water Heaters:- Pressurized model (also called high pressure solar water heating system) means, water in the tank is under high pressure. It’s equal to the pressure of tap water. The solar glass tubes don’t contain water; instead they have long copper rods that get heated and then heat is conducted to the water in the solar tank. This means the pressure the water had when entering the system is retained as water flows out of the system. At Informed Systems Pressurized solar water heaters are available in 150L, 200L and 300L.
Solar Systems
  • Non-Pressurized Solar Water Heater:- Non pressurized model (also called low pressure solar water heating system) means, water in the tank is under low pressure, and is equal to the gravity of the water. The tubes contain water and it’s heated directly via the solar glass tubes. This means any pressure the water had when entering the system is lost as the water gets to the tubes.
    Non-pressurized solar water heater at Informed Systems are available in 150L, 200L, 240L, 300L, and 360L.

Solar Lights:-Solar Lighting is newly developed lighting method resulted by the development of Solar Technology. Several Technology makes it possible to use solar lighting in Large Scale.

  • Solar Street Light:- Informed Systems Solar Street Light It’s the most popular type of solar lighting that is designed to replace traditional street lights in Nairobi Kenya . This type of solar lighting has fairly strong lighting, long backup period to make sure citizen can enjoy lighting during the night. It has largest market, but the reliability is not as high as traditional street lights. These lights are especially popular in rural area.
  • Solar Garden light:- Solar Garden lights are generally designed for private garden using, the requirement of lighting strength is much lower in this condition. So the lights usually have smaller panel and fixtures. People care more about the design and style of the lights.
  • Solar Lawn light:- The lighting requirement is even lower for solar lawn lights. So the size of lawn lights are even smaller, it will have a LED light of less than 10 watts. The prices of solar lawn lights are much lower than garden lights or street lights which make it more acceptable of most customers, these lights are widely used in home and gardens.
  • Solar Flood light:- Informed Systems Solar Flood light are widely used for commercial billboard as signage lighting in Nairobi Kenya. It is the most flexible solar lighting solution with really small size and strong lighting strength. It can be used for pathway lighting, sidewalk lighting, private road lighting, jogging and bike path lighting, perimeter lighting, farm & ranch lighting, park lighting, gate lighting, yard lighting and campus lighting.
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