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At Informed Systems Ltd, We offer industry-leading Nurse Call System to health care facilities, helping them offer security, comfort and assistance to their residents and Patients.
At Informed Systems, we are the leading wholesale distributor of Aidbell Nurse Call Systems, C-Tec Nurse Call Systems, Intercal Nurse Call Systems, Ascom Nurse Call Systems, Rauland Nurse Call Systems, and Jeron Nurse Call Systems in Nairobi, Kenya.

Nurse Call System for Hospital adopts the latest RF technology and digital identification technology, which makes the product very stable. Does not depend on temperature fluctuations, changes in weather conditions. Transmitter can be put on the table or stick on the wall.
When the patient need service, he/she just press the button and the staff will receive a message and know which table or room needs service.

Benefits of Informed Systems Nurse Call Systems

  • Full duplex intercom with clear voice without distortion.
  • Allows calling the nurse immediately for emergency assistance.
  • Cost-effective and efficient solution.
    Reduced healthcare worker fatigue.

Has 3 functional buttons:

  1. Call
  2. Emergency
  3. Cancel

Commonly requested features include corridor displays, call activity logging software, emergency and cardiac buttons, and helpful apps for nurses, overdoor lights, speech functionality, pagers, panic alarm integrations and real time location module add-on capabilities such as asset tracking and bed management.

Nurse Call Systems

Wireless Nurse Call System

In hospitals and nursing homes, nurses are informed via Wireless Nurse Call System about emergencies immediately, shortening the response time and responding to patient requests quickly. The system communicates wirelessly with RF technology. Our Wireless system has the latest features in RF technology and can be tailored to the needs of any healthcare environment.
Reliable technology and proven performance with Informed Systems is the main choice for nursing homes and care centers in Nairobi, Kenya. In addition to being very easy to install, wireless nurse call systems have lower installation and operating costs.

Nurse Call Systems

Call systems for nurses can be broadly classified into two categories

Nurse call systems with alarms

These are typically installed on a wall near the bed or in a central nurse station. They are connected to an alarm box that alerts staff when activated. When the alarm is pulled, it triggers a sound that alerts other nurses and the patient’s family in order to attend to the patient.

Nurse call systems without alarms

 A buzzer is given to the patient and they can use it whenever they need assistance from a nurse or other caregiver at any time during their stay at hospital or clinic. It is often more expensive than just signaling via an alarm system but caretakers find it more advantageous because it provides staff with an opportunity to help patients even if they are not within sight off.

Nurse Call Systems

Nurse Call System in Kenya

Nurse call systems are used in many places, including hospitals, schools, and long-term care facilities. They can be beneficial because they allow patients to speak to a nurse without leaving their room or waiting for a staff member to arrive on the floor.

In recent years, nurse call systems have been more widely adopted as an alternative to overhead paging.

A nurse call system is a system that provides the nursing staff with an immediate response when they need help. There are two types of nurse call systems: manual and automated.

Manual systems depend on nurses who have to push a button, which transmits an alarm signal to the nursing station or other designated location.

Automated systems allow nurses to request assistance by pressing a button on a device, like a pendant or belt clip.

A nurse call system is a medical device that helps nurses keep track of where their patients are. A nurse call system is an electronic device that can be programmed to transmit calls from a patient’s bedside or other location to the nurses’ station or directly to the nurses’ phones.

Nurse call systems provide increased patient safety by enabling nurses to respond more quickly when they are needed and ensuring that patients receive treatment as soon as possible.

These systems are becoming more and more popular as they provide a fast and efficient way to get help in an emergency situation.—A nurse call system is a system which can be used in hospitals to alert nurses when they are needed.

It is an alarm system which alerts nurses when their help is needed. It sends them an audio message, a video clip or a text message informing them of the patient’s need and where they need assistance. A nurse call system can reduce the trouble that patients go through while searching for the right help by helping them locate the right medical personnel.

The benefits of using this system are that it will:- Help nurses who have to work at night shift as it provides them with enough light and additional safety measures

  1. Provide patients with privacy while waiting for their care providers and- Help reduce workload for medical staff.
  2. A nurse call system is a device for the bedridden that alerts nurses when the patient needs help.
  3. Nurse call system is a system that is used in nursing home and is also called pendant alarm. It is a wireless device that is worn by elderly people and it calls for help when they need it. The alarm can be triggered by pressing the button on the pendant or from pressing the sensor on the door frame.
  4. Nurse call systems are devices that can be used to contact nurses or other health care providers. Nurse call systems are also sometimes called “patient call systems” or “caller-paging systems”.

List of available Nurse call Systems in Kenya

  1. Nursecall Overdoor Light c/w Sounder
  2. Nurse Call Button with Patient Handset EC-220PH
  3. Nursecall Ceiling Pull Unit
And more available in the informed system shop.   Contact us today for more details and consultation
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