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Video Intercom – Videophone

At Informed Systems Ltd, total security is an everyday reality. Imagine your home, office, or a public place where a simple gesture can open up practical possibilities for your safety. We are hereby proud and esteemed to present to you the Video Door Phones a device that not only allows you to see who’s at the door but also enables you to communicate with the visitor before you open the door. We are the leading National Distributor of Uniview audio/ video Intercom, Dahua audio/ Video Intercom and Kocom audio/ Video Intercom in Nairobi, Kenya.

Intercom Systems Kenya

Informed Systems Ltd does provide Intercoms Systems that are installed in Residential, Commercial, offices, and many various locations. The system is used to communicate with the source that is within the premises before they can allow you to get in. 

We do have various types of systems that they install. We also have systems that only have a buzzer and some are wireless and others are wired connected. We do have the Audio intercom, with this you just communicate word by word without seeing who it is. This type of system also has a buzzer that when it is pressed it alerts the person within the premises that there is someone at the door or at the gate. 

We also have other systems with Black and white video where the person within can view the person at the door and communicate one on one and the systems do have a buzzer also. There are those systems that are colored and they operate the same. 

The Intercoms are installed at the Gate at the door and this notifies the people within the office and in the house that there is a person outside the gate or at the gate. Informed Systems Ltd will be honored if you make that call or you send us an email to inform us that you are interested in an intercom in your house or in your office or in your factory.


Advantages of this system:- Enables you to view and interact with the visitor without opening the door, It is two-way communication, It has a clear Speaker system, more than one indoor monitor can be attached with an outdoor camera, It can unlock the electric lock on recognizing the visitor and lastly, it has low power consumption. Our video door phone is a cheap solution to secure the house from strangers and unwanted salespersons available at reasonable prices and is one of the best ways to ensure the security of a house. Our video door phones can be installed on the front, back, or side doors and allow communication between people on both ends.


IP Phones are sometimes called VoIP telephones, SIP Phones, or Softphones. These are just different names for a device/software client that is designed to support the transmission of voice over the internet, or what is better known as VoIP (or Voice over Internet Protocol) technology.

Benefits of Informed Systems desktop and IP Phones;

  • Easy Integration with Current Infrastructure.
  • Faster and easy Transmission of
  • Multimedia Content.
    Good on Data, Great on Bandwidth.
    Significantly has Lower Costs.

At Informed Systems, we pride ourselves as the leading wholesale National Distributor of IP Phones ranging from Fanvil desktop and IP Phones, Yealink desktop and IP Phones, Grandstream desktop and IP Phones, Cisco desktop and IP Phones, Polycom desktop and IP Phones, Vtech desktop and IP Phones in Nairobi, Kenya.

Cisco Ip Phones 7900 Removebg Preview
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