Fire Suppression System & Installation

In the event a fire does occur, the fire suppression system is vital in reducing property damage and loss of life. A fire suppression system encompasses a broad range of products and equipment including sprinkler systems, gas suppression systems and hydrant and hose reel systems.

  • Sprinkler systems.
  • Water mist systems.
  • Foam systems.
  • Gaseous suppression systems.
  • Hydrant and hose reel systems

gas fire suppression system in kenya

Fire Suppression Schematic Diagram

Firesuppression Kenya

Basement Parking Fire Sprinklers

basement fire spinkler system Kenya

1. Fire Sprinkler Systems

Fire sprinkler systems are intended to actively provide a means to suppress or extinguish fire in an emergency situation. The four main types of sprinkler systems are:- wet system, dry system, pre-action system and deluge system.

2. Gas Suppression Systems

Gas suppression systems are commonly employed in areas that are highly volatile, critical or contain sensitive equipment where non-fire damage from water is as detrimental to the equipment or materials as fire.

3. Hydrants & Hose Reels

Fire hydrant and hose reel systems are an installation of pipes, water tanks, pumps, hydrant outlets and/or hose reels in a building to provide a ready means by which a flow of water can be delivered in any part of the building for the purpose of fire fighting.