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Electric Security Fence

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Electric fences

An Electric Fence is a barrier that uses electric shocks to deter people or animals from crossing a boundary. The voltage of the shock may have effects ranging from discomfort to death. Most electric fences are used for agricultural fencing and other forms of non-human animal control, although they are also used to protect high-security areas such as military installations or prisons, where potentially-lethal voltages may be used. Virtual electric fences for livestock using GPS technology have also been developed

Home fences

In Kenya, Electric Fence is the first defense against any intrusion into your home. At Informed Systems we are the leading Wholesale supplier of Electric Fencing Equipment and we have a Specialized team whose main job is to ensure that your home remains secure all day every day in Nairobi, Kenya. Informed Systems Home Fences are categorized into Wall top home electric fences and Free Stand Home electric fences. Wall-top home electric fences. Top Wall Electric Fence is Installed on top of a perimeter wall in Nairobi Kenya. Wall top Electric Fences are of a standard height of 1 meter but can be done up to 1.5 meters in addition, it is incorporated with razor wires to increase the level of security.

Electric Security Fence

Free Stand Home electric fences.

Free Standing Electric Fence is an electric fence that is installed from the ground level to a height of 2.1 meters or even up to 2.5 meters. We use both steel posts and treated wooden posts to install free-standing electric fences in Nairobi Kenya.

Electric Security Fence

Game Electric Fences

A game or wildlife electric fence in Kenya is installed mostly to prevent human-wildlife conflicts. At Informed Systems, we design game fences that either keep wild animals out of your farm, hotel or lodge or keep them inside the park or conservancy area.

Razor Wire Fences

Concertina Razor Wire Fences and Flat Trap Razor Wire Fences are the most affordable and maintenance free type of fence in Kenya. At Informed Systems Ltd, we supply and install razor wire fences in diameters of 450mm or 730mm or 980mm. Electric Fences Razor Wire Fences are categorized into Double galvanized Silver razor wire and Double galvanized Green razor wire.

Types of Razor Wire

There are several different types of razor wire that are commonly used in fencing and security systems, each with their own unique characteristics and applications.

Flat Wrap Razor Wire:

This type of razor wire is made by layering multiple strands of barbed wire together, with the sharp edges facing outwards in opposite directions. This creates a flat, fan-like appearance that is very difficult to climb over. Flat wrap razor wire is often used in residential and commercial settings to secure perimeter fencing.

Concertina Razor Wire:

This type of razor wire is made by coiling multiple strands of barbed wire together, creating a spiral or “accordion” shape. The coils can be either loose or tight, and the sharp edges face outwards. Concertina razor wire is often used in military and correctional settings to secure large, open areas.

Crossed Concertina Razor Wire:

This type of razor wire is a variation of concertina wire, but the coils are intersected to create a much more compact, dense barrier. This type of razor wire is often used in high-security settings to secure perimeter walls and other key infrastructure.

Single Strand Razor Wire:

This type of razor wire is made of a single strand of barbed wire with sharp edges that face outwards. It is usually used on top of walls, fences or gates to add an additional layer of security.

Helix Razor Wire:

This type of razor wire is similar to concertina wire, but the coils are formed into a helix shape that creates a spiral pattern. This type of razor wire is often used in industrial and commercial settings to secure large areas and high-security infrastructure.

All these types of razor wire are extremely difficult to cut through or climb over, making them an effective deterrent for intruders. Depending on the purpose of the fence, design and construction, one may choose the most suitable type of razor wire.


 Double Galvanized Silver Razor Wire.

Razor Wire fence

Hot Dipped Double Galvanized Green Razor Wire.

Hot double galvanized, Green Razor Wire is a new kind of protective fencing with economical cost advantages and convenient construction. It plays the role of protection in mines, gardens and apartments, frontier and sentry defense, and enclosure of prisons.

FENCE ENERGIZER MACHINES:- At Informed Systems we are the leading supplier and installer of electric fence energizer machines in Nairobi Kenya in one zone, two-zone, and or four zones under the following models: Hammer EZ630, EZ640, EZ680, CPS002, CPS004, Nemtek Druids, Gallagher, JVA Z13, Z14, Z28, Stafix X2, X3, X6i, X12i, and X18i, Wizard, etc.

Fencing Posts:- At Informed Systems we are the leading supplier and Installer of electric fences using steel posts or concrete posts, treated wooden posts. Our posts come in different types; riveted w-posts, Strainer/ corner posts, and or support posts. Top wall electric fences steel posts (1-1.5m), Free Stand Electric fence post (2-2.5m). All posts are available in green and black colors.

Fencing Accessories;- Informed Systems Electric Fencing Accessories in Nairobi Kenya include; Insulators, strainers, Gate Contacts, High Tensile (HT) Electric fencing wires(1.6mm, 2.5mm, or 4.0mm), Under-gate cables(50m, 100m), Siren Kits, Sliding Gate Contacts, Riveted W-Posts, Strainer Posts, Support Posts, Porcelain.