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Don’t Be Scammed!! Cctv Camera Is Not Just...

Don’t be scammed!! CCTV camera is not just…

In modern day and age, security has become more of a necessity in most aspects of our lives and our dependents, our homes, work places and even various institutions like schools, hospitals etc. This has enticed us to take extra mitigation to keep us, our families/loved ones and properties safe in different
way including installing cctv cameras. The question is HOW do I know the best CCTV camera to suit my need? What should I consider while buying a CCTV camera? Where do I buy a quality CCTV Camera?

What should I consider while buying a CCTV camera?

Choosing the best CCTV camera to suit your needs can depend on several factors. Here are some steps to help you determine the right CCTV camera for your specific requirements:

  1.  Determine your surveillance goals: Start by identifying your surveillance objectives. Consider what areas you want to monitor, whether you need indoor or outdoor cameras, and the specific features you require (e.g., night vision, motion detection, remote viewing).
  2. Assess your environment: Evaluate the conditions where the cameras will be installed. Consider factors such as lighting conditions, weather exposure, and the size of the area to be monitored. This information will help you choose cameras that are suitable for your environment.
  3. Choose camera types: There are different types of CCTV cameras available, such as dome cameras, bullet cameras, PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras, and more. Each type has its advantages and is suitable for specific scenarios. For instance, dome cameras are discreet and provide 360-degree coverage, while bullet cameras are more visible and suitable for long-distance monitoring.
  4. Resolution and image quality: Determine the level of detail you require from your CCTV footage. Higher resolution cameras provide clearer images but may come at a higher cost. Consider the distance and area you need to cover and select a camera with appropriate resolution for your needs.
  5. Low-light capabilities: If you require surveillance during low-light conditions or at night, consider cameras with infrared (IR) or low-light capabilities. These cameras use IR LEDs to illuminate the area and capture clear images even in the absence of visible light.
  6. Storage and recording requirements: Decide how you want to store and access your CCTV footage. Options include local storage on a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) or NVR (Network Video Recorder), or cloud-based storage. Determine the storage capacity you need based on the number of cameras and the retention period you desire.
  7. Additional features: Consider any specific features you may require, such as motion detection, remote access and monitoring, two-way audio, facial recognition, or integration with other security systems. These features can enhance the functionality and effectiveness of your CCTV system.
Cctv Camera Installation Price In Kenya

How do I know the best CCTV camera to suit my need?

To determine the best CCTV camera then consider:
• where you want to place the cameras (either indoor or outdoor),
• number of cameras you will need
• Quality of the images
• distance coverage
• Your budget

Where do I buy a quality CCTV Camera?

After all this considerations, now where do I buy genuine and quality CCTV cameras question comes in mind. I personally came across this site, a product of Informed Systems Ltd, and to say the truth, I bought quality CCTV cameras at very affordable, discounted prices. I kid you not, they are the best deal in town, you will thank me later. In fact I came to learn that they are the official distributors of Uniview CCTV camera in Kenya. How to find them? Call +254 793 000 111.

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