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Informed systems Ltd provide you with the safest key in the world; evidence that cannot be falsified, duplicated, stolen or lost. Our Biometric Access Control will fully secure your doors and access, enrol your staff with ease & create as many groups as required and gain access within micro seconds by the touch of your finger.

  • Intuitive and easy to use.
  • Quick to register prints.
  • Schedule opening / closing times.

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Our range of high quality access control readers and keypads deliver maximum choice to meet all project requirements. With a range of technologies, including biometric, Mifare and proximity, systems may be chosen to exactly match the key design, operational, performance and budgetary objectives..

Our biometric fingerprint reader is a stand alone unit that is battery powered (expected life of 5000 operations). The unit can operate as a biometric only, biometric plus PIN or PIN only and you can mix and match this to suit your users requirements. The system as standard can store up to 99 users but the memory of the unit can be increased for literally thousands of users.

This is no ordinary biometric access control device, there are lots of products that have flooded the Kenyan market that either arent reliable or cannot cope with the environments that they are installed into. Our unit is hard wearing, great looks and works in a host of environments where fingerprints are either wet, oily or dirty. Contact our sales representative for different types of access control solutions. Click here >>>>>